Bananas go to law school, too!


Fun With a Purpose!

Three days ago, I purchased 4 highlighters. The pretty ones, with the retractable "pen-pushy mechanism." FANCY!

But, since I don't blog about a product unless I'm pissy-pants about it - um, I AM PISSY PANTS!

The only reason I would shell out 5 bucks for 4 highlighters is because of a guarantee of quality. A type of quality I've come to expect from "HI-LITER" highlighters. Also, a type of quality that is reinforced by a DRY-PROOF GUARANTEE

Resists drying out during normal use and when stored in a retracted position. If this product should dry out within six (6) months from the date of purchase we will gladly replace it for free. Please contact us with the product code at 1-800-GO-AVERY.

Six (6) months, eh? Unfortunately, I've only had the pleasure of these highlighters for three (3) days. Three (3) days of studying the likes of which the world ne'er has seen, but only three days! The purple was the first to go, by early Friday afternoon. Then went orange after a Saturday morning focus-a-thon. Between last night and today - pink and yellow are RIGHT OUT. Honestly.

Since I was able to enjoy one-point-seven-percent (1.7%) of my promised highlighting power, I AM MOST UNPLEASED. When the highlighters were not in use, I stored them in a retracted, upright position (with the tray tables up!). So, one of two things must be true:
1. Avery sold a defective product. PRODUCTS LIABILITY!
2. I am not normal.

So, the only thing to do - buy new highlighters - egads! I HAD to buy the highlighters that claimed "QUICK-DRYING, FLOURESCENT COLORS! increase information retrieval efficiency"

Well, thank you ACCENT highlighters -- I'm hoping you will not try out because I do NOT have a six (6) month warranty. But you DO promise increased information retrieval efficiency - and those are four (ad)verbs I like around finals time.

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy banana.
(i just needed one paragraph without the use of CAPS!)

Why this little shuffle will be the end of me....

So, about a week ago, I finally got my ipod shuffle. And it's a great thing. GREAT THING. Except that I discovered podcasts. Every night, I load up my little guy with NPR, NYT & CNN newsy things. Which is fine and cute, because they each last about 2 minutes and I can quickly listen to them and go on to more important things (sleep!) But, like usualy, it didn't stop there.

As a way to get around pesky Con Law studying, I downloaded a bunch of Constitution Society lectures. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS OUTLINING, right? Exactly the same.

And then I realized that Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect has the audio from the weekly shows. Mr. Bill has been my age-inappropriate crush for, say, the last 10 years - so of course I listen with gusto. Each episode is an hour, so, somehow, I keep myself awake until four getting all riled up about politics. NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD. This is almost as bad as when I discovered Sodoku three days before my Property final last semester.

At least this way, I get my often-inarticulate (um, Meghan/Abby/Suz can attest to my incoherent WE HAVE NO FREE WILL argument) views put into nice, bite-size soundbytes. Here's one that I literally had to get out of bed last night and write down because it was so ON POINT with the way I feel about the Christian right and as a Christian myself:

The Christian right are now officially the party of paranoia. “Secularists are attacking Christmas!” “Liberals are attacking values!” And the worst part is, the people bitching loudest about being persecuted about their Christianity aren’t Christians at all; they’re demagogues and con-men and scolds and the only thing they worship are power. If you believe Jesus ever had a good word for war, or torture, or tax cuts for the rich, or raping the earth, or refusing water to dying migrants – then you might as well believe bunnies lay painted eggs.

THAT'S what I've been trying to say for, you know, five years now.



Last day of classes as a 1L. Kinda anti-climactic, but awesome nonetheless. Now it's only three weeks of finals, one week of law review competition and then I can start working all summer at my fancy job. So, you know, it's totally nothing. Just me and a beach and a bottle of booze. Boozehound.

But beyond self-pity-that-no-other-law-student-really-wants-to-hear-because-we're-all-in-the-same-boat --no more classes means PLENTY of hours to study! SCORE!

Civ pro is pretty much in the bag; I'm a little products liability away from being solid with Torts. So, somehow, I am actually relatively calm - fancy that. But, like most things, my mood changes on this topic about every five minutes.

Holy cow, I need a drink.


Hugh Grant [of temporary relief]

So while the Merry Cashiers at Associated were ringing up my dinner and coffee purchases, I was off in a world far away from law school.

And then I looked at the total.


New slogan for "Love, Actually" : Civil Procedure is, actually, all around...

*Supplemental jurisdiction statute, for all you non-law-types.

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!!

Time! Time!?! There's never any time!!!!!
one week until civ pro!



So I just got an awesome email from our dean. Apparently the law school, while not being able to produce a functioning central air system, found it in their hearts to give everyone a pair of FREE FLIP FLOPS. Pretty neat, huh? Neater still is the email our dean sent which MUST have been tounge-in-cheek. My favorite part, when describing his dream for the flip flops which are embossed on the bottom with our law school's name:

If you should find yourself on a beach at any point in the months ahead, please make sure that the imprint is stamped deeply and repeatedly into the sand. You will be doing your part to help spread the name [of our law school]. I would, of course, particularly appreciate it if you wear [law school] flip flops as you wear your [law school] centennial hat.

Which makes me think of only one thing....

We're Moving On UP!

I'm rocking out to Ipod tunes because FedEx finally decided to drop it off, even though it's been chilling in Brooklyn since last Thursday. But whatever, 'cause it's 1/100th the size of my LAST ipod (read: my laptop). And we all know what happened after a semester of crazy jaunts with my laptop in my bag, rocking out to jazzy tunes on my large and unwieldy ipod.

In other news, I'm moving on to the perilous world of Torts. Not because CivPro is "in the bag" but because I can't look at any more of it for the time being. Final is in nine days, hopefully I'll get back into the mood once the final is actually here.

And, another reason to give up on Civ Pro for now? For whatever reason, I'm the number one google result for "Rule 12b6." Which is cool for like .2 seconds and then I remember that means I'm a nerd. A nerd of the LAW.

I will finance my high standard of living with Jeopardy winnings, not lawyer salary

I just re-looked at the form I have to bring to Jeopardy qualification thingamajggy after finals and I have to think of FIVE FASCINATING FACTS to talk to Alex about. They're like "any kinds of intersting collections or hobbies." Ew, lame. Now, besides the obligatory "Let's see how we can insult Trebeck's mother" ideas, I need some goodies. Here is my list, so far. It's pretty much as successful as FINALS. HA!

1. I have a hole in my heart. My venticles kinda slosh my blood around, which makes my heart more like an amphibian's heart than a human heart. Twinnie likens it to having a BABOON HEART, but that's just crazy, it's a FROG heart. Get it straight, jeez.

2. I speak Polish, Italian and Spanish. And I'm going to try the perilous adventure of non-alphabet languages and teaching myself Mandarin this summer. OR AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT IT SAYS ON MY RESUME.

3. My father once tried to pawn us off as "under 12" at Niagra Falls when we were going into our sophomore year in high school. And I was 5'7. Somehow, the cheap man gets away with this, but they give us the child size ponchos. So while everyone else there had navy blue ponchos that went to mid-thigh, Twinnie and I had to join the 5 years olds with the bright yellow ponchos that went to our waists, not even half way down our arms and were tight. Please see point number 1 for a complex that might have stemmed from this fiasco.

So, seriously, unless it consists of making fun of my childhood or heart, I have NOTHING. Unless I'm like "Listen, Trebeck, I have a totally awesome blog where I write words on your 'stache." So, obviously, I need to start a collection. And there is no better time for a collection that two weeks before finals. Currently, my collections are as follows:

Empty diet coke bottles I keep telling myself I will recycle
Used highlighters
Post-it note flags that flag nothing in particular



Rain, Rain

Thursday's near-80 degree temps have been washed away by the rain all weekend. That, and the IMPENDING DOOM OF FINALS. Friday night the Ghost Writer Gang all headed up to Dive 75 for what now I think can be interpreted as the final bruhaha before finals are over in celebration of Mark's belated birthday. And general need to get drunk. Mark taught me how to play Othello which, according to him has the tagline "Seconds to learn, lifetime to master" which I promptly changed "Minutes to learn, an hour to master." But that's totally understandable, because I AM a Jeopardy genius after all.

Alex & I went to McDonald's on our way back so I could pee and while we were there a 65 year old lady slash club promoter gave us REUSABLE BAIRD JONES NIGHTCLUB PASSES. I have no idea where this magical club is, who the heck Baird Jones is, but I know one thing - only cool kids get invited to clubs by the elderly.

The lady also was going on and on about Rosa Parks and how the State Of Mississippi gave her a post-mortum pardon. To which I responded with some 5 minute long diatrabe about how Plessy (from Plessy v Ferguson fame) was only 1/18 black and HOW COULD THE TRAIN CONDUCTOR HAVE KNOWN THAT and the only reason it was even brought to the Supreme Court was because of over-litigous lawyers. Um, I might be the coolest Constitution Team National Champion the world has ever seen. REALLY.

In other news, tomorrow begins the last week of my 1L year. And then begins something called "finals." Enough blogging, back to a little thing we like to call CivPro!!!


Links for a little diversion

Eep! In two weeks Civ Pro final will HISTORY! That's means I gots to keep buckling down. But not before I give everyone a little something to smile about. Because that's what I like to do. And becuase it takes substantially less time than actually writing a post.

This week has been rocked by an SBA election scandel the likes of which the student body ne'er has seen. These guys have running commentary that is far better than anything I can explain. Overall, however, suffice to say there are FAR too many emails being sent about something that has FAR too little import. Especially since - HELLO - finals are in two weeks.

Twinnie has been harping about this documentary for about, I don't know, forever. It's called The Power of Nightmares and is apparently the most insightful political documentary out there. I still haven't been able to finish it (too many SBA election emails to read!) but what I've seen is good. I invite you to do the same.

I'm going to learn Chinese (Mandarin, I believe) this summer. 1 billion people can't be wrong!

I'm also going to learn how to drive.

Sorry for making every link about politics, but I must share one of the best lines (talking about America) from a recent Slate article. Arguing that Blair's rationale for supporting the US in Iraq was to make sure it was an international effort, not just America on its own, Geoffrey Wheatcroft makes the analogy: "You don't say: 'My big brother is a crazy kind of guy. On Saturday night he likes to get blind drunk and drive through town at 90. It would be more damaging to peace and security if he acted alone than if he had my support, so I'll go along with him for the ride.' Either Washington was doing something wise and virtuous, in which case it should have been supported for that reason, or not, in which case should have been restrained and, if necessary, opposed."


I'm kind of a big deal...

Chalk it up to finals-induced self-doubt, but I'm THRILLED with my newly realized geniousity [if I want that to be a word, I can make it a word, because I'M JUST THAT SMART]. No, this has nothing to do with law school (because, obviously, the opposite conclusion would probably be the outcome). But something EVEN BETTER.

I got called back for the second round of Jeopardy qualification examing for NYC. I don't know how many people they invite back, but I like to think it's just me, the smartest person in Metro New York, and they're just double checking to make sure I don't have a large and unsightly goiter. Which would be awkward and Trebeck would TOTALLY flip out. Because the only people who are allowed to have unseemly growths on their face is Trebeck himself.

But yeah, I get to take another exam the Friday after finals are over. Thank goodness, because if it were before finals then I would have a horrible internal dilemma about whether to study con law or "Colors that End in 'urple." Obvi, 'urple would win.

Must stop basking in my own [ridiculously smart] sunshine and get back to studying. But, really, if I get called on in Civ Pro tomorrow, after I make a fool out of myself (like I am known to do) I'll just say "Suck it, [professor's last name]" Because as Greg told me tonight, I gots to practice!


And, in other news

So this whole "school housing" thing has one [of many] pesky drawkback - they kick you out once finals are over. Of course, this is a problem when the writing competition starts five days after the last day of finals. Of course, they have a fancy form you have to fill out in order to stay through if you're a law student and want to do the writing competition. It was due today at noon [NO EXCEPTIONS!, the sign said]

I think you can see where I'm going with this.

I, beyond obviously, did not fill out said form. Who does that? Me! And, therefore, I will be living out of a plastic sack for five days, getting my drunk all night (no classes! no finals! no nothing!) and then finding a comfy gutter to sleep in. And then I will pick up my writing competition packet and go home (I am leaving early to get work at home away from any hyper-competitiveness here in the New York).

You know, sometimes I surprise myself, really.

And you thought I was done...

Long story short, I had the most lovely and productive Easter weekend. Almost done outlining Civil Procedure --- just going to do a run through the ol' Emmanuels to see if things are a little more efficiently explained for checklist purposes. Because even though I love Mr. Glannon, he tends to be a bit verbose. And then it's just revising the darn thing. And remembering about the other three classes that I am taking this semester. But considering that a week ago I knew NOTHING, I am in good spirits.

Furthering my good spirits was the fact that the weekend was a great jump start to the next month - got to do a bunch of cooking (I made mushroom appetizers, cheesecake and some wierd strawberry mousse parfaits that I through vodka on because I JUST NEEDED TO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING!). The weather was awesome, my mom bought an ipod shuffle for me (so awesome, should be coming in the next few days!) and I just was so productive! Did I mention I was productive?

The only thing that my parents could keep repeating were just how the next month and a half are the MOST IMPORTANT MONTH AND A HALF OF YOUR LIFE. Which might be true, what with 24 credits-worth of finals, law review writing competition, Mother's Day. Pretty big deal. But knowing that it's only 6 weeks is keeping the antsy pants at bay and I can keep chugging along.

I know what you're saying. TWO BORING LAW SCHOOL POSTS IN A ROW!? I want my fake monopoly banana money back. FINE. A little photo-essay, focusing on the classy models I get to stare at in the air, courtesy of SkyMall....

How do I keep so beautiful? With my handy air supply, that's how! This is some nice air.

You know what, I'm attractive too! Maybe I could use a little rouge, but I'm a important businesswoman! I don't have time for that! And how do I stay so attractive, why, with this
Komfort Kollar, that's how!
So comfortable! Ahhh! Nice!

I, on the other hand am not attractive. In fact, I look like a bloated Tim Russert. A Tim Russert with frosted tips. That's what they call "less than attractive." I am also a pervert who figured out a way to not have to wear pants on the damn airplane. So I created a sweatshirt sack for my body. Always thinking! About how to grope that pretty young flight attendant with my hand down my sack.
Yea, that's nice. This sack is real nice.

I am le tired! I came from a crazy bender in Key West, judging from my fancy shirt, where I drove the young girls wild with my fashionable 'stache.
However, even the 'stache can't hide the fact that I look like an idiot. Not to mention the advertising exec who realized, after his OWN crazy bender in Key West that he needed a picture for the newest issue of SkyMall for this product and HE HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN BETWEEN THE MOJITOS AND CORONAS. Idiot! So, instead of losing his job (from the very prestigious company SkyMall truly is) he just snapped a picture of the goon next door who was so tired that putting his face on a large, inflatable lap pillow was more comfortable than living without dignity.


Le Weekend!

So I'm spending Easter weeked in Chicago visiting the fam here. But really, too, to get a break from the Nueva York and approaching doom of finals. I've been far more productive here than I have been back in New York; outlining and, really, learning Civil Procedure. And it's going remarkably well, in fact. REMARKABLE. I was all set to just wash my hands of the subject and hope that I could spew some junk about Rule 12b6 and call it a day when the final was coming. BUT NO SUCH FEARS! Thanks to a certain Joseph Glannon, I've been teaching myself all about the Civ Pro. I've gone through Examples and Explanations over the past two days and will soon be starting on his "Glannon's Guide to Civil Procedure." Then after that, it's just a few practice tests and that one class should have the large brunt completed in terms of preparations.

Of course, that's to say nothing of Contracts, Torts and Con Law. But I'll take what I can get and it's still over three weeks until any of those finals start rearing their ugly heads, so it's should be okay. And, with the exception of Con Law, I'm in a pretty solid "understanding zone," so it isn't quite the uphill battle as CivPro.

Home is great for studying because I can read outside on the patio, everything is bright and clean and there is plenty of coffee for the drinking (free!). Also, twinnie has an ipod shuffle I've swiped for the weekend and he has remarkably good taste in music. So I've been rocking out to great tunes from BOTH earphones! (I've had to McGuyver my laptop's headphone jack with a highlighter and a rubber band because otherwise the sound just comes out of one ear. And that gives me an annoying one-sided headache).

Anyway, enough boring study update. Back to almost-interesting civ pro studying!


Just Knock It Off, Consumer Culture.

So, big surprise, I like to read the SkyMall catalogue whenever I take a trip. And, as I DID awaken in the Windy City this morning, I did some traveling yesterday. And SkyMall FAILED to disappoint!

As a lifeguard at a country club for three years, I guarantee some kid name Connor or Olivia would have carried this in. And we would tell them that remote-controlled sharks were against the rules. And then they would cry to their mom, who was enjoying her 11am glass of white zin on the patio. And then she would come over to the lifeguard stand and tell us to mind our own business and IF AIDLLYN WANTS A SHARK IN THE POOL SHE WILL GET A GOSH DARN SHARK. And then the kid would take a dump in the pool. Becuase that's what happens.
Buy Me! I am a shark! I have a propeller for a tail!

I like to lie in bed! I like to sit in bed too, but sometimes that is too hard!

AWESOME! PERFECT! Now I will never leave!
Oh, STAIN RESISTENT SUEDE?!? Luxury and convinience! Where is my glass of white zin?

Look at me! I am a small and stupid child! WHY IS THERE AN IMAGINARY FORCEFIELD NOT LETTING ME INTO THE HOUSE!! Even with my jaunty baseball mit!?!? Let me in! Let me in!
Must. Push. Harder. Mommy! Put down your chalace of white zin and LET ME IN!



I know -- ANOTHER angry curmudgeony complaint letter. But this time, it was more than just not having a Shamrock Shake. It was more than a limp pickle. It was DIRT on my frozen strawberries!! That's just gross. So I sent an angry letter to Dole that reads as follows:

I had eaten some stawberries after heating them from the microwave. After about 5, I ate one that looked darker than the rest of them, thinking that it was simply a natural color discrepency. In fact, after chewing it, I realized it was no such discrepency but in fact DIRT. The taste and sandiness made me sure of it. It made me sick to my stomach to think that I had consumed a mouthful of dirt especially after I paid extra for the name brand and trust I had in Dole. Very dissapointed!

I blame all my hyper-sensitive product complainy on Torts and us focusing on product liability right now. But SERIOUSLY, dirt on my strawberries!! So gross. So gross! I had damn well better get some free stawberries out of this deal, for me to enjoy with my free pickles. Until then, though, I am boycotting all Dole products. Which, obviously, is like nothing because I don't drink pineapple juice or eat bananas. But still! Boycott!



In my slow descent into madness, I emailed the pickle company (Vlasic!) and complained about a jar of pickles I purchased over the weekend. I was all set to have a delicious pickle this morning (breakfast of phallic champions!) and was looking forward to the tell-tale Vlasic CRUNCH. Instead, I was met with a limp "mlech" because the pickle was icky and soft. What a horrible way to start the day!! So I did what anyone would do, I sent a strongly worded letter to the Vlasic Pickle Company to inform them of my disappointment and hatred for their fair cucumbers. And what was I greeting with upon returning from Contracts??? That’s right -an apology email and a word of a free pickle coupon to arrive in my mailbox in no more that 14 days!! Mon success!!! Kudos, Vlasic pickles, for knowing the true meaning of customer service. Too bad I can't say the same for Debbie over at McDonalds.


Past Week, by the numbers

1: Number of caffeinated drinks consumed this weekend. One step at time, trying to lower tolerance so that I don't have to do the whole IV caffeine drip once finals come closer.
2: Numbers of hairs found in my Chinese food this evening. Dead to me: Wok City
3: Courses of delicious dinner Alex and I cooked on Friday. On the menu: Warm Arugula Salad with Garlic Croutons, Tilapia with Chile Lime Butter, Eggplant with Basil and Lime and Green Poblano Rice and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Stawberries!
4: Weeks until we will be half-way through finals. AH! AH! AH!
5: People at brunch on Saturday morning at Isabella's : My Nonno, cousin, her husband and their baby boy, Benjamin. And me!
6: Bottles of wine consumed by 8 of us on "OC & Vino" night. This was us excercising "moderation" becuase we really wanted to have a bottle each. But we're mature, non-alcoholic adults.
7: Days until Easter!
8: Number of separate fantasy baseball-type tournaments I am participating in. Most procrastination for outlining!
9: Times, in desperation, wanted to scream out "I HATE LAW SCHOOL" but realized that it woud solve 0 problems. But I still hate law school, especially civil procedure! Ew!
10: Points, out of 10, David Gilmour concert recieves. The second half, especially, was AMAZING and I got to catch up with a great friend in the process. Thanks again, Jimbo!


An Open Letter to Joseph W. Glannon

First of all, if you aren't a law student, this might not make so much sense. But, as background, Mr. Glannon is the author an assortment of highly recommended study guides for Civil Procedure and Torts.

Dear Joseph "W." Glannon,

Thank you for your omnipresent series of books to help me in my preparation for Civil Procedure and Torts. Especially Civil Procedure. I mean, seriously, without you I wouldn't know Rule 12(b)(2) from a hole in the wall. You're great! Ten points!

But just one thing.

You're so snarky! I know you think you're probably being funny. I'm sure you're a real classy guy, a guy who likes to joke and drink martinis and light cigars with hundred dollar bills because every law student in the nation buys your books. But after slaving away at a hypo from one of your books, talking about the possible joinder rules and "what about diversity jurisdiction?" and all sorts of possibilities which inevitably result in the answer "The court will have the balance the interests of the plaintiff against the interests of the defendent" which is SO CLEARLY not the answer you were looking for --- after all that, you sass us up by writing the first line of your answer as "This is an easy one!" or "Obviously, the jury should find Acme liable for her full damages."

Seriously. If it was so obvious, would it even be necessary to have it waste space in your leather-bound book? If it was so easy, why must you rub it in and instead allow us to bask in our hypothetical glory. But no, you don't let us off easy but insist on some sass. Sass makes the world go round? NO. Sass does NOT make the world go round. Sass makes the study group go sad. Or at least have a long laugh. And then quietly, alone, after study group, we go home and are sad. But either way, no good.

And even if we DID get the answer right, why trounce on our happiness with your golden boot of reality? Said golden boot will kick and stomp us IN DUE TIME (i.e. the final). But now? In April? Not necessary. Blissful ignorance, that's how I like to roll.

So this much I ask of you, dear sir: in your next edition, cut out the sass. I still like your corny jokes and clever names like "Quarles" who keeps suing the city. That's nice, that's cute, that makes me feel better about myself. But using words like "certainly" "obviously" and "clearly" just remind us of some of the people in our section we love to hate. And if there's anything you DON'T want to reach for, it's any analogy to those types.

Thank you for your time,
Anna Banana


An Open Letter to the Makers of the Fake Ziplock Cold Cut Bags from the Deli

Dear makers of the fake Ziplock cold cut bags from the deli,

Really. Would it kill you to make a bag with a zip-locking mechanism that works?? No matter how hard I try, aligning each plastic ridge to its God-ordained position, it refused to remain closed! I start on one end, baby steps - when my thumbs and index fingers registering something of a "click," I move on another millimeter. Forward, I toil, until I am at the end of the bag, a small ridge of sweat gathering on my furrowed brow. I step back, glance at my handiwork AND THE ENTIRE BAG IS STILL GAPING OPEN, allowing air to inflitrate the precious precious sliced turkey. And there is nothing worse than dried out turkey.

You think I'm just unnaturally unskilled at closing your magic bag? Well, let's look to the PROFESSIONAL ziplock bag-closers - the deli employees themselves. Their attention to detail, weighing my sliced pepperjack cheese, adding an extra thin slice when the weight only registers .23 pounds - and then ripping off half when it gets bumped up to an unGodly .28. Seriously, thank you deli man for your quality control. BUT DO YOU SIT THERE AND TRY TO CLOSE THE ZIPLOCK BAG??? No. Instead, you use your fancy weight and price sticker to fold the bag closed, a little pocket of delicious goodness.I know it would behoove me to, when first opening my delicious lunch meat, to gently lift the sticker and re-affix it to maintain an ironclad seal. Unfortunately, when I am ready to make a delicious sandwich, I will WASTE NO SUCH TIME and rip quickly into my bag of food. And there the plastic sticker lies, torn apart in a hungry fury. And no longer useful.

I'm not asking for much. I am asking for a bag that is resealable, efficient and airtight. Like your mom. Not a bag that is flimsy and useless. Like your dad.

Love & kisses
Anna Banana


Song Picks for April

The ONE good thing about studying a lot is that I get to discover a lot of new music through Yahoo MusicMatch. Although I love Musicmatch and tell all my friends who don't have ipods (you know, those two people) to get it because, although it's awesome, it isn't compatible with ipods. Unfortunately, I recently learned that you can't transfer your music even to a non-ipod mp3 player without spending an ADDITIONAL 10 dollars a month to get the subscription to Yahoo ToGo. Still, if I download more than 15 songs a month and try to transfer then to my nonexistant mp3 player, it's still cheaper than itunes' rate of 99 cents a song. But still, yahoo's getting more expensive, lame.

Anway, without further ado, song picks for April!

1. Hurt -Johnny Cash : I saw Walk the Line the other day and it was SO GOOD. I rediscovered a lot of older Johnny Cash stuff that I had downloaded my freshman year of college but had long since forgotten about. Still, this song is a song that whenever it comes I have to stop what I'm doing and just listen.
2. Insatiable - Darren Hayes : Fair enough, this popped up on my music station because I'm "a fan of Peter Cetera." So FINE, I have a little smattering of lame music in my collection. Sue me.
4. Accused of Stealing - The Delgados
5. The Flat Earth - Thomas Dolby : Longer song, highly recommended as a studying tune.
6. Sun Shines Where You Are - Sam Bisbee
7. The Suggestion Box - Aqueduct
8. Amore Veneris - Arab Strap : Another slow, long song. Love it.
9. The Postman - The American Analog Set : I always love it when there's a little bit of band chitchat during the first few seconds of a song. Predictably, this song employs that technique.
10. Under the Milky Way - The Church : You know how songs "bring you back" to a certain time, like if you listen to a Gin Blossoms song, your brain transports itself into 7th period Italian class. Well, this song gives me that feeling about a time I CAN'T IDENTIFY but, at the same time, I know I hadn't heard ever before the first time I heard it last week. Anyway, it's still a good song even if it doesn't give audio dejavu.

If you noticed I skipped a number, 10 points. It's my little way of celebrating Daylight Savings Time.