Bananas go to law school, too!



2L starts tomorrow! Terror! Excitement! This weekend went out with a bang - hitting up The District with a whole crew of college buddies. More details will follow. But right now I'm way tired from traveling for 10 hours this evening because apparently the Chinatown bus driver doesn't actually know the way from DC to NYC. He needs to Mapquest that shit.

But, very little time to sit and relex -- tomorrow I have my first class AND callback. Which is horrible scheduling on my part, but I want to kinda get them over with and be able to relax (hopefully) about next summer & hopefully-terrific employment. A part of me makes me really, really, really want to skip class and just get notes later but that would be IRRESPONSIBLE. And that is clearly the farthest thing from myself.

I have a very bad feeling that 2L will be busier than 1L.

I need to take like 15 showers to wipe the bus-grime off of me. Ew.


Now, with more words.

So, today I met with my "advisees" - a small group of 1Ls with whom I can share all my wisdom. Essentially, it boiled down to: don't let Professor Flip Flops frighten you, don't do anything for Legal Process and Examples & Explanations are the best study guides out there. I also gave them a ridiculous tour of the law school where I vaguely pointed in the direction of the registrar and showed them how to print from the public computers. Who's the BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER?

In other news, Early Interview Week will be over in approx 18 hours for me (no Wednesday interviews, sweet!) I've had interviews that have run the gamut from people who CLEARLY hadn't read my resume and didn't care to learn about the awesome-ness that is The Banana and others were we just talked about Grey's Anatomy the entire time and had a great time. So, really, lesson learned: My entire professional career will be dictated by the ever-so-random pairing of me & my interviewer and whether or not he enjoys Katherine Heigl as much as I do. Killer.


Happy Birthday to....THIS RIDICULOUS BLOG

A year?!? It's been a year?!?! Yes, it has. As I have been in law school or preparations thereof for a year, this law school-themed blog, too, has been around for as long. So, instead of me telling you about OCI stuff (which I am pleased with its progress, thank you for asking and, no, I probably won't tell you any more details), it's gonna be a little blast-to-the-past post for your nostalgic pleasure.

Law School Year One, Redux

I hated it in the beginning.
But then I kinda got into it, like the proper nerd I am. And then realized that finals were coming.
I met "study group", awesome awesome study group.
But I kept in touch with old friends too.
I got angry at condiments and dairy products
I drank. I drank quite a bit. I was a bit of a lush, huh?
I didn't just drink booze.
No, yes I did.
The library was a place of much amusement. And drama in the classroom.
I waitressed, too.
I got sick a few times. But I am alive!
I turned 22. But didn't learn how to drive.
I wrote a number of angry open letters. Seriously.
And other Bad Things happened to my computer.
I found lots and lots of great new music to love.
Second semester meant more of the same.
I lived up New York City as much as I could as a 1L.
I had fun with paintshop.
Law firms wooed me with free booze and cheese plates.
I made some silent protests against consumer culture.
I almost made it on Jeopardy!
Second semester finals will always be remembered as David Blaine Week.
I turned into a 2L.
Did a little writing competiton. Didn't make LR, but another journal I'm excited for.
Started two summer jobs, didn't really like either of them.
Still, I tried to make myself more employable.
Home life was interesting.
I missed NYC, and then came back.

That's it!! My life, in hyperlink form. Back to more regular postings soon, promise promise!


Not dead, part II

In the midst of early interview week, so apologies for being MIA. But it's awkward to talk about interviews because, let's be serious, this is the World Wide Web.

Other than that, I need to be done with interviews so I can go back to daily margarita binges. Becuase that's how life should be lived.

Lame post = done!


Oh balls.

In fine NYC form, my room is entirely bare, save for a single sheet on my bed and an unpacked suitcase. But instead of spending my money on things for my "place," I spend my money on BOOZE BOOZE. BOOZE BOOZE from TACO TACO.

Taco Taco is a lovely joint on the ole' Upper East Side, where my good buddies (AND AVID BLOG READERS) reside. It all started to turn a little sour when we all got a round of tequila on the house. Uh, oh!

But have no fear! We took photos pre-booze-a-thon

Well, maybe not "pre" but "some time before crazzzzzy"

Now, me and the Upper East Side had something of a "falling out" ever since an ever-so-fateful cab ride some 10 months ago....BUT NO MORE. We are now besties. Best friends FO'Eva'

And this blog post is CLEARLY keeping in code with my "fewer drunk blog posts" mantra of "who knows, maybe future employers will read this and WEEP [or not hire me]."


Back Back Back!

Not dead!! Just been busy busy.

Air travel Friday was ridiculous --- ridiculous lines, ridiculous waits, ridiculous LOST LUGGAGE, etc. However, it is now Sunday and all is better and perfect and I, and my things, are in one piece. I can ask for little more.

I'll update later, but I am kind of busy with Bed, Bath & Beyond trips (B-cubed!) and other last-minute things before early interview week starts on Wednesday. Scary scary!


duck, duck, goose

So I had to re-do my entire approach to packing thanks to the no liquids-gels rule they've got going. Word on the street is that they might ban laptops and ipods. Egads! But, 'tis no matter, safety's important, right.

I've been reading updates on the CNN website, and I came across this handsome mug. It took me about a minute to realize he was holding the biggest gun ever because I was so busy staring at this Tony Danza look-a-like and his giant duck lips.

I'm leaving for the aeropuerto in about 15 hours so I gotta keep hitting the packing train. See everyone in the NYC!

Hey Team

What a wierd and ridiculous and tragic week. I'll probably have more to say in, who knows, a few days. If you're in NYC, I'll see you soon. If you're in Chicago, I'll miss you much. It's true. Even you, Feeney, Girl-I-Haven't-Hung-Out-With-As-Much-As-Planned-To-Hang-Out-With-Unless-You-Want-To-Hang-Out on-Thursday.

Oh, and super-nerd will be back on Friday. That means, I have no contacts and only glasses. WHO INVITED ME TO ANYTHING? (meghan, you invited me!)


Black Cloud of DOOM

Alright people, I feel like I have a Black Cloud of Bad Luck following me. It's true!

I'm walking home, minding my own buisness, listening to some jazzy tunes on my ipod. Some dude bumps into me and, because I have my ipod, I'm startled and confused. And not knowing what was going on, I just said, "Oh, sorry, didn't see you there." LIKE I'M ON GOD DAMN LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

Anyway, he asks if I have a cigarette. Which I DO have, but I wasn't smoking at the time. I just carry them around in my satchel. So I'm rifling. And rifling. And I have to open a new pack. Which proves my previous point of NOT smoking.


So as I'm rifling, I realize that "Miss Efficient!" --- standing doesn't get me home as quickly as walking. So I'm like "Let's walk as I look."

As we're walking, he's all like "You's is beautiful, you's is pretty." Which I feign deafness and pretend not to hear.

So I finally find a cigarette and give it to him and I'm all please-just-go in my head. And, thankfully, he walks ahead of me. And I put my headphones back in.

And then I see him turn around and start to mouth crazy-man talk. I take my earphones out.

"Excuse me?
"What, baby, you didn't hear me?"
"Um, yea, I actually have no idea what you are talking about."
"I SAID, you wanna see something?"

DING DING DING. I went to college and have attended many a fraternity party. I know this line.

"Um, no, I'm fine."
"Come on baby, come on."
"It's an 8 and a half."

To which my internal "freak-o-larm" goes DING DING --- because I think he means gun. Gun = bad. Bad = death.

"You wanna see me play with it."

Freak-o-larm back to neutral. Is not talking about gun. It talking about his dirty dirty you-know-what.

Internal monologue: don'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdowndon'tlookdown

"No, no I don't"

"Why not, come on baby, it would make my night."

So blah blah, such nonsense continues on the ONLY DARK STREET IN MY HOMETOWN for two blocks. Sigh. I somehow get out of it by rationalizing "Listen, I was nice enough to you to give you a cigarette, do me a favor and leave me alone." Which worked, thankfully.

The whole rest of the way home I was thinking about how I would call the cops and file a police report and prosecute the case and then REALLY REALLY law review would HAVE to call me and let me on because I PROSECUTED a CASE goddammit.

Of course, I decide that microwaving leftover pasta is FAR better solution.

But seriously, people. I want GOOD luck. I want ONE good thing to happen to me. Just ONE. ONE!


No Title

No good rotten horrible day that just keeps going and going.

Both places of employment are grating on my last nerve, The Internship ends on Monday and I have 1/2 of my big fabulous project for the summer tomorrow in -- oh six hours. And it WAS done, oh yes, for weeks. However, within the last two days I have about 17 thousand additional "oh, do you think you can add this?" little things to do and I just want to go to sleep! But no! The doctors will be restless and angry if everything isn't perfectly collatted to an inch of their lives 5 days ahead of time. These same doctors who don't realize that not EVERY case ever is in Lexis and it's pretty much just appeals and these appeals are more about whether summary judgment was appropriate and jury selection than the answer to their really ridiculously specific question, about which only four Cook County cases are applicable. To give them some more bite, I'm going through the rest of the country because four looks sad and ten would seem more substantial because they are Grumpy! Doctors! and They! Want! Data! but I'm only on Arkansaw and WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STATES IN THE UNION?

Edit: Arkansas is not phonetically spelled. Who knew?

Edit: This will probably be deleted in about a day.


Music Picks: Summer 2006

So, thanks to GrapefruitGate and not having to study 10 hours a day, I haven't listened to quite as much music this summer as I normally have in the past. Still, there have been some songs that sparked my fancy. And here they are, download them! Love them! WHOOHOO!

Seventy-Four Seventy-Five: Shearwater. Or anything from Shearwater. Heart heart. Double triple venti mocha heart.

: Tom Thumb & The Latter Day Saints

Everyone Chooses Sides: The Wrens

As Time Breaks Off: Delorean

Sunday Bell: Audible

Goods: Mates of State

Something Beautiful: The Real Tuesday Weld

Ivy on Stone: Pinewood Derby

Stonefruit: Halou

Clones Were Made for Them, Not for Us: The Foundry Field Recordings.


Gatsby wouldn't have stood for this!!

So, yesterday, I'm minding my own business. Brr-iiiing! Brr-iiiiing! The phone rings, I answer it:

"Um, who is this?"
"I think you have the wrong number." Click!

The person on the other end sounded like a drunk 80-year-old and the caller ID said it was a cell phone number with an area code I didn't recognize. And no one in our family knows a Daisy. WHO is named Daisy anymore?

So, just now, phone rings again, with a familiar number.
"Sigh. Hello?"
"Who is this?
"You have the wrong number." Click!

Two seconds later
I just answer the phone. But don't say anything. Maybe if it's a prank I can hear giggling in the background or something. Or the clink of a bottle of Jack Daniels against an old lady's dentures.
"Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello."
Daisy hangs up.

Two seconds later.
"Hi, Daisy. I already told you, you must have the wrong number. Who are you trying to call?"
Response: My twelve-year old brother's name.
Crap. I am currently frightening the dickens out of a small child. Named Daisy.
"Well, you know, he's not home right now. I'll let him know you called, but next time you call someone you have to make it clear who you're trying to talk to. Becuase I had no idea who you were and I just thought you were someone who was confused."
"Where's Justin."
"Um, not here. I have your number. He'll call you back, okay"

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. Girl needs to be taught how to use a phone.

Edit: Good God. The child's name isn't Daisy. It's some high-pitched boy-child who introduces himself as "Davie."